Cannot add keystore file in the build service

Hello there,

I came back after a few months and I discovered that the android keystore file is gone, it is no more registered into the build service. Also the password and alias and alias password are gone.

I tried to upload again my keystore file and enter the alias and password but what I type is not saved.
I press save and continue but when I come back to the configuration, everything is empty. What I input wont be saved.

I tried on firefox and chrome.


Please help, I cannot update my apps


I still cannot build my app because I cannot add a keystore file, nor the alias and password. It doesn’t save!

Anybody with the same issue?

Ok I have launched a build even with the empty fields and it appears that it works.
So it is a display issue.
Not really convenient not being able to know what you have typed before in the fields…