Cannot connect to debugger on web

Hi guys,

I was able to connect to debugger once, running it on my Mac in browser while previewing my web app in the same browser. Now, when I try to connect, I just get the loading spinner forever.


Hmm, are you still experiencing this problem? Do you get your phone to connect to the debugger normally?

@Bryony Can you use the Debugger on the same device where your web-app is being previewed??

I’m building a web app so I am previewing only on web, not mobile. I try to connect to the debugger in the same browser as I build my app, so everything is on the same device.

Hmm, I was able to get it to work with the following steps (on Mac using Chrome):

  1. Launch
  2. Launch
  3. Go to My account in (before opening the app) and flick the “connect to debugger” switch
  4. Open the app in

Can you check these steps and if they don’t work for you, let me know what browser and version and what OS version you have?


Seems to be working again now. Not sure why it just hung while connecting before, but I’ll let you know if it happens again. All good for now!

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I am facing same issue with linux browser. When I click on the page nothing works.

This looks like a different problem than described enough. We don’t officially support Linux, but from the error message that does not seem to be the issue. Have you tried on an Android/iOS device? Have you tried navigating to a different page? If you can’t seem to figure out what the inputRange could be referring to, you could share your app id with me and I could have a look what’s going wrong.

Hello mevi,

Thanks for your respond to my queries:

As I am very new in appgyver and there are list of queries.

Did you have any tutrial which explain how to create social media app
like twitter.
Can I use emoj and hastag functionality.
And how to create setting functionality.

For know this are some queries.

And mine app id is:


We don’t unfortunately have that many tutorials yet, as we’re only starting out to build our repertoire… But as for the hashtags, you might find my tag input tutorial helpful!

Settings I would save in the metadata of an user, if possible, so it depends a lot on what you want to use as authentication. I would probably only worry about that after creating the other functionalities of your app.

Thank @Mevi,

I am using third party user authentication. As I am using bubble as my
backend for the application and web application.

I am not able to check login and signup is working or not. Due to which
I am not able to create other functionality.

So can you please help me to know why page is not loading in my phone.


Alright, I’ll have a quick look to see if I can find something, but if it’s a problem with your third party authentication I’m afraid I can’t be of much help. Can you DM me test credentials I could use to try and log in to your app?