Cannot duplicate my apps

Hi there,

It seems I have a problem with 2 apps. I cannot update them, cannot duplicate them, and their performance in Composer really slow, as I already raised in the forum and the tracker, months ago.

I have an old duplicate of my apps, made 6 month ago, that is performing well with almost the same content, which make me think that duplicating my apps would solve the problem.

I cannot use those old duplicate as they are outdated and it would take me days to apply all the modifications I did in the last 6 months.

I cannot duplicate those apps myself, it doesn’t work.

Please, can someone of the team duplicate my 2 apps?

The two apps to duplicate:

The destination apps:

:pray: :pray: :pray:

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Please… I really need to work on my apps.

I have asked in the bug tracker weeks ago, in the forum, by email.

Would someone of the Appgyver team duplicate my apps please?
I cannot do it myself, it doesn’t work.

Hi! Unfortunately I can’t do manual duplicates at this point, but we have been discussing your ticket and what we could do – seems like some of your issues stem from having an extensive history of edits on an app that is very large, and a history of edits does not get copied over when a duplication is done. Unfortunately your duplication fails because your app size in general is so large. You’ll get answers on the tracker thread when we have a solution – sorry it’s slow going at this point, we haven’t encountered this before :frowning:

Hi Mevi,
Thank you for taking the time to answer me!

I understand. I have been working on this app for more than a year now, release it, and did many updates to get my product better.

So if I get it right, as the duplicate I got 6 month ago performs better than the original app, I should regularly duplicate my app to go from a fresh base without a huge history of edits.

Also, for the next apps I will do, I will use a backend much more and download my images from URL instead of uploading them to Composer. That will probably solve the issue. :+1:

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Currently, I am facing the same challenge. Kindly assist to duplicate mine as well.

Have you tried downloading and importing:

Much appreciation, I succeeded through importation

You should be able to mark that as the solution