Cannot figure out how to align content/buttons

I cannot figure out how to align content such as buttons so that I would be able to get more than 1 item per line instead of stacked vertically. I’ve gone through the documentation on layout and flex and all of that but I am not seeing how to either write the css or choose the options myself in the settings. I am including an image of my layout and then an image of how I want the buttons:

stacked vertically vs. horizontally in the same container

Use the row layout component and place your buttons in each cell.


Yep, Row is the simplest option for many cases.

You can also try to use a Container with Horizontal layout. Then (if you want to) you can also choose to Wrap children which will make the components to drop to next line if the width would otherwise be too wide for the screen. In some cases when using Horizontal layout, you might want to define width for each component inside the Container to make the layout match your wishes exactly.