Cannot get events to connect

Is there a tutorial/video available to show how I can connect a component event to a custom page event ?

I looked at Trigger / Receive Event between components on the same page - #2 by Mari but I get what the original poster said: nothing in the dropdown of the Triggered events “Triggered event” field.

Also, the visual of the core component “Trigger event” suggests it has an error even before working with it

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 11.52.34 AM

Hi! You need to first configure the receive event to be fired from a trigger event before the trigger event shows any options. Also the receive event needs to be on a logic canvas that can be accessed by the trigger event (so not inside a composite if the trigger event isn’t, etc)

Hi @Mevi - I had these events properly set up, but what I realized is that I was setting up my events on the “Page” canvas accessed by the Data Variables (It shows “Page Mounted”) when you were referring to the canvas that shows up when you are on the Page Layout of the Tree in the LR corner of the UI. This UI is quite confusing at times.

Once I set up the Receive event there, I could see the events properly.

I spend a lot of time struggling with where things are in AppGyver.

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