Cannot publish web app


I’m having trouble with building my web application :

  • when i login at my hosting URL : I have an “Waiting for application configuration…Please wait…” which doesn’t seem to end
  • how would I actually host my web zip standalone ? do I need Amazon S3 ? can I use another host ? could I do it locally ? what are the server requirements ? My data sources are REST API or client storage only.

My need is to be able to share a demo of my work to others.

Thank you.

Looks like you did manage to deploy a build that is running at that URL, but it’s a selector (AKA preview), so you need to choose standalone target for your app (this will be clarified next week in a release that cleans up Build Service UI – it’s been way needlessly confusing).

To host the app yourself, you just need a place that will serve the folder structure – it’s all static JS/CSS/HTML files. S3 is a common choice, but any server/service that allows the user to load index.html and then load all the other assets works.

Thank you for your answer.

I think just redeployed a standalone app at But I get redirection

Is it normal ?

If not, I’ll wait till the Build Service UI is clearer :slight_smile:

Thank you.

It looks like there’s a selector (AKA preview) build still deployed to that URL, but it could be the 24 hour cache issues… :thinking: What happens if you temporarily change the target URL and deploy?

We’ll take a look at this in more detail on Monday!

Hi there Harri,

The URL change does indeed resolve the issue !

Thank you.

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Hi there, @Harri_Sarsa I managed to upload the build zip file I downloaded from the AG build service to my cPanel using File Manager, all the files are inside the public.html directory including the index.html file as seen on this screenshot:

But when I try to see the app by accessing the domain it shows a blank page:

(This is a simple app that just shows a list of contacts) When I inspect the code of the page (the index.html file), there’s a line that says: “You need to enable JavaScript to run this app” so could this be the problem? And how do I go about enabling JavaScript? Within cPanel or somewhere else?

I have however researched a lot about how to make it work, many, like this blog post, suggest that the package.json file should be edited with a home attribute that links to my domain name, this is the snapshot from the blog post regarding the home attribute:

But as you can see on my first screenshot, the build file from the AG build service did not come with a package.json file, the only JSON files are dolan.json and manifest.json, or is it the manifest.json I’m supposed to edit?

So, in summary, I’d like to know how I can get my website to show the app because currently, it’s just a blank page: should I somehow enable JavaScript? or Should I add a package.json file myself or should I be editing one of the JSON files that came from the AG build service?

Thanks a lot, I’d very much appreciate some1 pointing me in the right direction!