Cannot read files on web apps


I created flow that can read csv files and it works on mobile apps.
My flow as per image below:


But somehow for web apps, it shows error which said: {“code”:“platformNotSupported”,“platform”:“web”}

anyone knows how to solve this issue?

Hi AppGyver team,

Any information about it? I have the same issue.

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I am also struggling with this also on the web.

  • If I use Pick file or Pick image from library, I get the path but I cannot read file.
  • But if I use Pick image from library and then use the path in the base64 flow function, this works (part of roadshow demo).

Any help on this?

@MUHAMMAD_NAZMI_HAMID @Jose_Jaimes Did you ever find an answer to this?

Read file doesn’t work on web. This is from the nature of the used react native plugin.

On the web as you already mentioned the bas64 flow works on the web.
So what you could do in fact is this:

Pick file → convert file to base64 → set variable (DECODE_BASE(outputs of the previous flow)) → do any modification that you need on the string, which from this point is the human readable form of the uploaded file.

The if after the conversion you need to download the file or save it you can do these options:

Download base64 → done or
download bas64 → upload file to firebase (or any other place where you want it) and set the path to the output of the previous flow. Or alternatively already save the file to an api which can accept base64 encoded files.

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Hi @Mihaly_Toth how about read a file type text/csv on web app?