Cannot remove items from a List of Objects


I am trying to remove all items from a List of Objects, but an attention alert is showed: “List items are imcompatible”. I am doing it by a Loop through the variable 0 to COUNT(List)-1.

Above follows my List caracteristics:

I really do not know where the problem is. I have already done it over 20+ times and have never had a problem.


What flow function are you using? The formula seems like it should work. I’m not sure if the loop is correct though, if you start with the index 0 and remove the 1st item of the original list, then the second loop to remove index 1 would actually be removing the 3rd item in the original list. An easier way without having to use a varTemp would be to always remove the item at index 0 and checking if there’s still items in the list. If there is, then proceed to remove the index 0 item.

Another way to empty the list completely you could also use Set app variable function and set the value of CollectionDePara to [] .

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