Cannot scroll right column


I cannot scroll right column to view all components and I realize there is a gap between the features.

This problem only occurred to the laptop that just logged out. But the problem is not occurred to laptop that hasn’t logged out for quite some time, which they appear as it is.

And also I have reported this issue in Bug Reports. Here is the link

I hope this issue can be solved ASAP. Thank you.

Please add some images. Its not possible to know if your scrolling issue is in preview, composer, webapp etc.

Uploading: WhatsApp Image 2022-02-23 at 12.23.24.jpeg…

Hi Phil,

Here I attach the pictures for your reference.

Try it in a new browser. Somewhere the page load has struck an error and gotten stuck.

Or try clearing your cache. Reload the page with ctrl+shift+r keys.

I already try it using Microsoft Edge and Chrome but still same

Using incognito also experience the same