Cannot "Set Schema From Response"

Brand new to AppGyver (about 24 hours ago) and building a REST API data source from NutritionIX to parse text and return nutrition data on ingredients:

All is working through the test function. However, when I click “Set Schema From Response” nothing happens. The response is an array of ingredients under the key “foods”. I have tried both an empty Response Key Path in addition to “foods” as the response key path but neither results in anything on the schema. When I click “Set Schema From Response” the page navigates to the SCHEMA tab, but nothing changes in the POST response schema.

Screen shots attached. Any thoughts?

Hm, does seem like a bug. Would it be alright to share your app ID so we could take a look at the exact config?

In the meantime, you can always construct the response schema manually, even if it is a bit tedious.

Thanks for the reply. The particular one I asked about isn’t really a REST data source - it’s more of a one shot analysis so I ended up implementing in a javascript object.

However, I’m now having the same issue with Airtable. I’ve implemented to Airtable data sources. The schema coverts no problem on the GET. However, neither the POST nor DELETE for any of the AirTable data sources will “set schema from response”.

App ID is 96997. None of this is production data - so feel free to dig in.

Yup, looks like a proper bug. We’ll fix this ASAP.