Cannot view the app on my android phone

I am a complete newbie and falling at the first hurdle. I follow the Barcode tutorial app and when I want to see it on my android, I scan using the sapapppgyver that was downloaded in Google Play but always failing due to the error “invalid or expired QR code. Try again”. I can preview the screen on the web platform.

I cannot see why I cannot get past this very basic procedure. What am I doing wrong ??.

The QR code might be wrongly generated. You can download SAP Appgyver from Google Play manually, login in and then preview your app. :slight_smile:

I tried manually adding the URL and that also states invalid or out of date so I think the platform is generating the wrong link and QR code. I looked for several apps that had been built using appgyver and I found very few that worked. For my experience so far I am going to give it a miss. Maybe me but if there are so many problems then it is just not robust enough to invest any time in. Pity.

That depends on what you mean by robust. This week we are releasing an app for thousands of users. AppGyver will be as robust as your BE is as AppGyver is only a library of static HTML/CSS/JS, so there’s no limitation on their side. Maybe if you could describe to me what do you need in more detail, I would be able to help you. :slight_smile:

Jaroslav. By Robust I mean working as it was intended and not crashing for no apparent reason. In my case it was not working and I have no idea why. This was the most basic requirement. I put a couple of paragraphs and a button on the canvas and should then have been able to use my mobile with downloaded Appgyver to scan the QR code that was generated and then have that screen of the canvas showing on my mobile. This did not work, likewise the manual URL, - invalid code or expired. I could find nothing that showed where I was going wrong and TBH there was not much I could have been doing wrong. I was using Firefox but also reluctantly tried it with Edge and same result. I did not see any warnings that these browsers were not compatible. Subsequently I reviewed your spreadsheet list of sample apps. I was specifically looking at android apps and several were not on the google play and if they were they would not open. I found a Doc Williams ? on youtube commenting on 5 apps. Of the five two were not downloading and the two that did download, Lilac ? froze on activation. Meal Eater worked fine and I cannot remember the other that did not work. So my experience has not been good. If I could find out what my problem was then I may change my mind.

Well, bear in mind that this is a FREE(!!!) No Code/Low Code solution. I have tried some other ones like Adalo and AppSheet and Appgyver is the best by far. Every No-Code our there will be buggy in some scenarios, as you are not responsible for the code and only the Devs can see that source code. I would still suggest you give AppGyver a try. Don’t look out there on the markets. We have found apps that were made in the AppGyver and most of them were rubbish or not working as you have described above. I would just focus on your own app, but hey, that’s just my opinion! :slight_smile:

Jaroslav, I totally understand that it is free and I cannot ask for better than that and was the main reason I looked to use it. But even if it is free it has to at least work to a minimum standard. Any thoughts on why my attempt failed ?. That would make all the difference if I could figure it out.

It must be the minority like me that encounters this problem. I admit to being an old codger and times have changed but I have worked for most of my working life with computers from the days when the 5MB hard disk storage was about 40cm in diameter and 8cm thick. The 32k was a state of the art machine. I also wrote a pretty large package for an oil service company using BASIC and it was an industry winner. I did not carry on with coding since those days so codeless is very attractive to me.Thanks for your replies.

Hey David, so 2 days ago I have downloaded the Preview app on android and has the same issue as you did. Then I have searched the forum and found out, that there’s a lot of people with the exact same issue, so I understand your frustration. It’s shame it does not work, however, I can understand that as we do have an app that does work on iOS but is struggling on Android for some reason.

Thanks for taking the time to update me Jaroslav. I will check it again after a while and see if it has been fixed.

Hi David and Jaroslav,

I am also facing the same issue on my Android phone. Not able to login; either by scanning the QR or manually entering the URL. Any help appreciated.


I guess this can be solved only on AppGyver’s side, therefore we need to wait for a fix. :slight_smile: