Can't access properties for a button

Is there a reason why I cannot access one of my buttons near the bottom of a page? It is NOT in the list.

If I make the code TAP on FLAVOUR field (left of the STARS) I can access it; but when I set the property from FALSE to TRUE it doesn’t work anyway. Thanks.

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 1.11.04 AM

If I understand this correctly, this is due to handling of repeated lists. You cannot access the individual repeated components from outside the repeat because it wouldn’t be clear which of the repeats was the affected one. (This might be possible sometime in the future, but currently it’s not possible).

From within the repeated component you should be able to select the other components inside that same repeated component. The selected component itself is on top of the list.

If that doesn’t help you or the animations don’t work and depending on the animation you wish to show, you could consider if same effect could be accomplished in different way. For example this tutorial (the advanced section) shows how to handle visual changes in a repeated list.