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Hi, I’m following the tutorial videos, and I’m using the Basic Card component to list out device storage. I’m able to display the title and the id of the records I create as below:

However, I’m not able to successfully use the formula “” when tapping on an item in the list. I am using an alert to try to display the id, but is is coming up blank:

I cannot understand what I’m going wrong? I couldn’t make heads or tails of it in the debugger either…

I am also facing same issue.

Im having this issue also, it was working prior so really confused

Ok. Glad it’s not just me! I didn’t see a bug reportedon this yet, I’ll try to report it tomorrow

have you managed to report? Ill do if not | Voters | AppGyver please upvote if youre having same issue :slight_smile:

I already reported this issue: Clicking on item in a list data component doesn't pass the tapped item ID to a new page as param | Voters | AppGyver

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Thank you for letting us know, I will upvote!

Thank you for reporting it as I got bogged down with other things, and hadn’t gotten to it yet. I upvoted yours and Piotr’s as well.

{“error”:“server error”,“eventID”:“3042263a60b242ecb44e636c0f0cc9a0”}

i get this error whenever i press to login in bugs tracker page.

Does anyone have a way around

Hi everyone,

Is there any update?
I have same issue

The issue has been noted down by the Appgyver’s development team and fix will be updated with 4.2 version. There is no ETA on the release though.

Hello everyone (another newbie here…)!
I’m using test APP “SAP AppGyver Previewer”, runtime version 4.3.3 and parser version 12.0.5.
And I’m not able to assign the value of “” of a “basic list” to a “page variable” or “page parameter”. The output becomes empty. I tried other alternatives as well, but without success…
I looked for a solution here on the forum and on google, but this topic is the closest to my case that I found.
As I just started using it and the version reported here is still 4.2, so I don’t know if it’s something that is still failing, if it’s something that only works by compiling or if it’s something that was fixed and failed again…
Does anyone have a solution they can introduce me to or point me to a better place where I can look for the solution?

This weekend, in all apps, the “basic list” started working again… Without doing anything… Good thing!