Can't add images to the iOS build configuration for "Notification, Spotlight, & Settings icons"

Hello, I am unable to upload images to this section of the iOS build configuration: " Notification, Spotlight, & Settings icons" (see image below). I am able to upload the other images.

Is there a special file type that must be used? I am trying to upload PNG files. Thanks!

Appreciate your help.

Hi friends, any suggestions, please?

Thank you!

@Harri_Sarsa do you know if this is a known bug, or can you please provide a pointer here? Thank you!

I think I figured this out… the images for “Notification, Spotlight, & Settings icons” must be uploaded a JPG files to save into AppGyver.

This is a bit confusing because the file browser (at least on Windows 10) defaults to PNG files and also the docs don’t mention the JPG requirement. :raised_hands: