Can't change the variable type, keeps on reverting to "text" type

Why can’t I change the variable type of a data resource I am trying to make. I want to change it to “true/false” instead of “text” but when I save it, it reverts back to “text”. Maybe Im doing something wrong. I am following this:

Button with a loading indicator - View components.

But Im stuck at the variable creation process

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Because it is the ID property. The ID property is always a text!

You could add a new property below to set its value type for any other options.

You try to change the name of “apple” as fruit to “true/false”. Who would understand if You say: “You know, the fruit, the “true” one…”

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And I just went through the guide You are following….

The guide talks about “Page Variables” NOT data records.

So You are defining your variables at the wrong spot. Don’t use the data tab of the menu, but instead tap on the “view - variable” slider just in the right top corner of the canvas…

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