Can't get a country dropdown list to work

Hello Guys,

I added the REST countries as a data source for my app.

I then added a dropdown list to my app:

and made a mapping to the country names

But that is how it looks in the app preview.

Do you think that this is just a design issue?

There is also a second problem:

changing the “Placeholder text” has no function for me:

am i am doing something wrong?

Looking forward to your replies.

Hi, the “label” field that you currently have empty is what is visible in the dropdown, and the “value” is the value that will be chosen.

This is for use cases where you might want a different thing to be selected than the text in the dropdown, for example the label could be “United States of America” and the value “USA”, which is then easier to handle later on. You can also bind both to the same field.

Thank you for your reply! So, it would have to look like this?

Problem now is: The app goes into a refreshing loop in the preview.

Hi, yes, that should show the labels. You can also populate the values if you’d like.

Could you make a bug report about the refreshing in the Tracker here: Bug Reports | AppGyver? It will reach our development team and you’ll be able to track the progress.