Can't get embedded map view to load

I can’t get the embedded map view to load. The app crashes when I try. I’m trying a very simple experiment. I have two app variables named latitude and longitude, and I assign each one an initial value. On the page with the map, I bind the Markers to Render latitude and longitude items to the app variables I created, and I do the same with the Initial map region latitude and longitude entries. I have another page where I open the map page with a button tap.

What am I doing wrong that’s making the program crash? I have a feeling I’m missing something very basic

The Embedded Map doesnt work with the new Runtime. It only works with old Runtime. You can see it work in the AG Legend preview app.

I see, thanks.

Will the embedded map work when I publish the app?

It will if you build with the 1.9.x runtime

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