Can't get the "value" of a toggle button

I’m trying to use a toggle to control something else (a value that isn’t true/false), so I’m trying to catch the onChange event and use the value of the toggle (true/false) to initiate my other logic.

But, I haven’t been able to catch an actual value from it. I placed an alert after the onChange event, and set it to show the value of the toggle button, but it never shows anything.

Am I missing something? How can I get its true/false value?

Btw, I’m using AppGyver Legend to preview on iOS, all components are updated. It looks like this might work in the regular Preview app, but if I put a toggle in a Repeat (as I need it), the Preview app crashes as soon as I use the toggle button - I reported that in a different thread. If there’s anything I can do in Legend to at least keep development moving, it’d be real nice.

Hi! Another thing you could try is converting the toggle list item to a container (double click to open it in isolation mode, and then near the top one of the buttons does this) and using it like that instead (or you can use the plain primitive toggle from under the primitives selection in the left side bar).