Can't login with other Accounts than demo (AppGyver Auth)

I created two new accounts in appGyver Auth, but if i want to login with them into the app, every time it says “Invalid username or password”.
How can i fix this? I need more than one Account (demo).

I just created an account and had no issues with logging in. Can I try your app for this?

of course. But it’s german language
App-ID: 103709

I can manage german :wink:
I can login. You sure you’re writing username and password correctly?

ok, now i know whats the problem. It’s not the username i need. It’s the email that is used for login.
If i login with my username it doesn’ work. But if i use my email-adress it works.
is it possible to change that to username? so that i can use the username instead of the email adress

There is no such thing as “username”. I guess your email doesnt have to be an email though. Not sure.

i mean username = Full Name.
But i tried to create a user only with one name at email. It says that i need an @ symbol there. So it needs to be an email adress. Maybe i can set “@guest” or sth else as username.

edit: there has to be sth. before and after the @-symbol

But the demo user works without an email-adress. Why does this one work without and the others not?
And to login it’s “full name” is used. and on the others it’s the email.