Can't Preview my app

Great day,

I’m trying to see my app preview on Appgyver Preview app & SAP Appgyver preview. But it just keep loading. How can I resolve this problem. Any suggestion?


hi i got same problem here… the problem start today. i try many way like reinstall the apps or try make new apps still preview not appear

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preview app and web preview not working @Mevi


Same issue I am facing today. Web preview and app preview both not working only spinner rotating. Even a blank new default app with heading only is not showing up. (app id 294449)

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Same issue, have tried web and mobile preview. Spinner rotating forever after I select an app to preview. I can see from the form that it looks composer problem. hope they’ll fix it

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Probably wont be until Monday

Same problem…

I thought the problem was only mine

They should include here a section that shows the status of the PREVIEW systems, , because certainly there must be some problem somewhere.

I’m quite surprised that the Appgyver team has not responded to this at all…does not do well for their reputation.

They don’t work on weekends

Isn’t working for me either, I thought I was the only one.

Same here. Glad to see it’s not only me. I hope this will be resolved soon.

Houston, ooops, SAP, we have a problem.

The same behavior with all apps I have. Dimmed backdrop and spinning forever…

very sad… no reply or announcement from SAP !
waiting for day 2 now…

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I face the same problem since Saturday.

Looks like it’s now working…:man_facepalming:t6: that was a long uncomfortable wait. I love Appgyver to bits, just need to get responsiveness up, even at a fee :slightly_smiling_face:

Now it’s normal again! Thanks!

Yes, Now it’s working fine…

Hi all,

parts of our service were temporarily unavailable for several hours during the weekend for some of our free Community Edition (i.e. users. The underlying issue was remedied over the weekend and normal service restored, with a fix in place to prevent it from happening again.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience this issue caused to you – we are constantly working to improve the platform stability.