Can't remove the DB from the app

Hello! I deleted a database to start over, and created a new one.
But when I create new flow nodes, I see the old one appears with some numbers. It looks like this:

So the name + some numbers. And needless to say, the app doesn’t see the new DB though I correctly set it in the flow nodes, with new variables connected to the new DB

Hi @Artem_Dzyuba, what kind of resource is it? Could you post some screenshots of what’s happening in the nodes and on your Data configurator/Variables tab so I can understand the issue better?

Hi @Mari. Unfortunately, I could do nothing with this: the DB was still appointed to the record nodes by default (but was changeable of course for an actual DB)

I deleted the app because the device DB which I put instead, wasn’t updated in preview sessions. Before I tried an AppGyver DB and it worked fine. But when I deleted the AppGyver DB and tryed a deviced one, I met 2 problems: a “ghost” deleted DB and not working device DB. So I deleted it. And probably, device DBs just don’t work in previews.

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Okay, thanks anyway for reporting this! We’ll be on the lookout if something like this happens again.