Can't see changes after build


I’ve made some changes in my application, tested it in preview and used the build function.
That has been 30 minutes ago, but I’m not seeing any changes in the build function.

This morning I’ve made some visible changes as well, I saw this after building in the “live” version.
But an hour later, it was back to the old version without any changes in build or development.

This is both in version 2.4.26 (I’m not seeing the 2.4.27?).

Hi! Are you still experiencing this problem? And just to clarify, you’re building a web build and that is where you’re not seeing the updated one?

Hello Mavi, thanks for your respond.
It’s indeed the web build, and it looks like it takes longer (minimal few hours) for the changes to update/show. (after the build status is delivered). We’re experiencing this since the new version (2.4.26)

Hi! Thanks for reporting, we’re looking into this. Unfortunately, it will probably take several days to fix this. Meanwhile, please use the for previewing changes and try to build the web app sparingly, so you would not have to wait long for the changes.