Can't select Property of data in repeat -

Have a list of ingrediens with categories. So repeat categories and repeat each ingrediens in category.

So this is working fine 14 days ago, but now there is no option to select property of repeat even thou the App is working fine. And it says the repeat is selected. The meaning was to add more, but cant select repeat anymore.

Is this a bug or what?

Skjermbilde 2021-03-20 kl. 13.41.47

As I now understand it has something to do being in a composite component. Have to learn more…

Hi! As you suspected, a composite component cannot read outer variables such as page, data, or app variables. It can only read what is given to it as a property. You can add a property to the composite component (double click for isolation mode, switch the toggle from view to properties) e.g. ingredients which is the same value type as your ingredients list. Then, within the component repeat that ingredients property. Outside of isolation mode, you can bind current.ingredients to the ingredients property. Now the component should be able to repeat the correct information :slight_smile:

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