Capture Unique Device Identifier


We are needing to capture some form of unique identifier for devices using our app (iOS and Android).

I’ve tried ‘Get Device Token (beta)’ however this requires the Google Services Plugin when building the app so isn’t an option in our case.

I thought there would be something within the SystemVars however I cannot see anything unique i.e. serial number etc.

Any ideas on what could be used?

You might check out GENERATE_UUID function. You could have your app generate that on first launch and then save it in local settings storage so that it can be accessed later and never changes, once generated. This is a v4 UUID, which means it’s just a big random number. Not really guaranteed to be unique across the world, but statistically speaking you will never have 2 copies of your app with the same ID using this.

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Are you using firebase auth in your app?

Thanks guys.

I considered the ‘Generate_UUID’ but have decided to implement Firebase instead.

I though there may have been a SystemVars however after some research it appears Google has locked down access to the serial number and other identifiers for security reasons.

Thanks :slight_smile: