Cell box shadow doesn't render on iOS

Not sure if this is a known limitation or if I’m missing a trick here. I have a row with three cells, I added a box shadow to a cell and it shows up fine in Composer. When I save and use the AG Legend app to preview it on my iPhone 12 I’m not seeing it. I created some different rows with cells and they all behaved the same. However, a solid 1px border shows fine, for example.


Sorry for the delay in response :fearful:

I tried this too with the AG legend app and a row of cells, and the cell contents get a shadow, but not the cell itself. But if I add a border to the cell, the shadow is shown both for the content and the cell. But you’re not seeing any shadow at all?

I’ll check it on the new runtime later, since I’m trying to stop using Legend now. I’ll let you know!

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It still didn’t seem to work for me, but it’s fine because I’m not using it anymore anyway so no worries!