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So I am new-(Young Padawan)

Trying to understand why the link of navigation not following what I linked. If you can help, please Jedi Masters
“Learn Much I will”

See Pic

Hi, “Open page” will just open one new page in the navigation stack at a time. If you want to see Page 2 before opening Page 3, put the logic to open Page 3 on Page 2, and on Page 1 just navigate to Page 2 :slight_smile:

Thank you, I am still out on “Logic” part. Where is that (Logic Icon/part) in my Navigation?
Page 1 is linked to (Open) page 2----Page 2 is Linked to (Open)Page 3.

Could you screenshot it so I wont mess this up?

I appreciate this help!

No worries! Starting from scratch, you basically have two ways to navigate the app: Via the navigation menu (icons in bottom / side bar) or via flow functions that are triggered when some event happens on the page (most often when a button is clicked).

  1. Navigation through menu On the Navigation tab, add those pages that you want visibile in the menu in the list of pages:


  2. Navigating between pages on events You can navigate between different pages by binding the Open page event for example to the tap of a button:

    I have added an Open page flow function to trigger when the button that says “Go to page 3” is tapped. Now that I click the button in the app, I get to page 3, even though it is not visible in the navigation menu.

Hope this helped! Let me know if you have any more questions. :slight_smile:

Got it! fixed it!

Each page has 2 to 6 buttons, the EACH need to LINK to their OWN DESTINATION ! if not you wont go anywhere.

Thanks again

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