Change appgyver auth avatar

My app uses the appgyver auth and I’ve set the user profile image==currentuser.metadata.avatar. Now I want users to be able to update the variable and change their profile avatar. Tried the flow below and it doesn’t work, please assist

Hi, we just released a power-up on the topic: Uploading files :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for the reply. however I followed all the steps in the power up but the images are still not appearing. I did a debugger on the data variable & create create and the storage key & ID are sucessfully upload but there’s a problem with Get bucket download Urls

oh and is the page variable a list of objects, text or webUrl?

Hi, looks like you’re getting the download URLs for Picture_keys_profile while the list with items with storageKey property in the debugger screenshot is called Picture_keys_profile1, could that be it?

Which page variable are you referring to? :slight_smile:

I’ve just changed the name from picture_keys_profile1 to picture_keys_profile. Even. Before that, it wasn’t working.

I mean the “picture_Urls” page variable on the power-up

This is the recent one and I still can’t display the images. i think the problem is with the Get bucket download Url becaue I put an alert IF there’s an error and I received a blank error alert so I can’t pin point the error

Hi, what if you bind the alert message to the RawError property of the error output of Get bucket download URLs, does it give you some information on what went wrong? Sending a list like you have in Picture_keys_profile right now should work in the node.

That’s what I did and I still get a blank error alert

Weird, what’s your app ID?


The screen inn question is the “HomeScreen”

Hi, can you double check the ID? I wasn’t able to get access

Oops I sent the wrong one.
here’s the correct appID 190847

Hi, for the safety of your personal information we’re introducing a new process for granting access to applications.

Could you send us an email with the following template so we can verify you as the owner of the app and get access?

Subject line: Grant support access to app

App name: [insert the name of your app here]
App ID: [insert your App ID here, found in Composer URL]
App owner ID: [insert your User ID here, found under Account]
App owner email: [insert the email address associated with your AppGyver account here]
Notes: [link to related forum thread, instructions for support, etc.]

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Done. I’ve just sent the email with all required information.

Hi, sorry for the delay! I got access to your app but can’t see the Get bucket download URLs flow on the canvas, did you remove it? @lincoln_mudau

No I did not delete. It’s under the data variables logic, I attached a screenshot below

and the get upload is under the “Pencil-icon” logic in the user profile

Hello @Mari , I was checking if you managed to find out what might be wrong with that function because I also tried it on a new project but I still get the same error. Thanks

Hi, there aren’t any known issues with the function, so I think the issue might be related to the node being located on a different logic canvas :thinking: Here’s a working example from one of my apps, I use the output files of Upload files directly in Get bucket download URLs:

Thank you, let me try this. Do you mind also sending the inputs to those components or is everything the same as the power up?

Although on the power up, it was different from yours.