Change Background Color Dynamically

I’m looking to make some radio style buttons that change color when tapped on. I understand how to set up formulas for colors, but I don’t see any kind of option for assigning color dynamically. It looks like Background Color has to be a static color from the color palette window.


What am I missing? How can I change the color when selecting?

Try dynamic coloring at the component editor level.

I pressed “Convert to New Component” and went to the style editor- it looks the exact same, no place to enter a formula.

Open the list of options in the color selection and click on the highlighted position:

Then again click on the highlighted text, “Formula”:

And again, the highlighted zone:

This will open up the regular formula screen, where you can set your color to the specific formula that you need. Use any kind of conditional or calculational logic, repeated item property or whatsoever. Be sure to be ready to give either smart color palette color names or explicitly defining a color’s HEX value:

Hopefully, this helps,
:man_technologist:t2: :koala:


:open_mouth: That’s what I was missing, thanks very much!