Change background color

Hi, I’m very new with this wonderful software.
Could someone please show me how to change the backgroundcolor of the app by pressing an ordinary button ? I’ll guess it’s the same as if I wanna change buttoncolor when pressing the button.

I have looked in the tutorials but can’t find out how to do the above.

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// Andreas

Hi Andreas, welcome to the community!

You can do this by binding the background color property of the page to a Color code type page variable via a formula:

Then use Set page variable after Component Tap to change the value:

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That worked like a charm, but let’s say I want to change color of the button ?
I know there is the trick with container and hiding/showing, but is there any easier way ?

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Hi Andreas, that is actually super simple. Just use the Set component styles flow function from the marketplace.

You can change any CSS property of an element in Set component styles with {cssProperty: value} in the New Styles property. For example if you want to change the color of a button to blue you can do it with {backgroundColor: 'blue'} . You can find a list of CSS properties here, just remember to write them in camelCase so for example font-size in CSS is fontSize in Composer. :slight_smile: