Change chart type in google chart example

Hello - very green newbie here.
I have added the Google Charts example and it is working (on my mobile).
Can someone please suggest how to change the chart type? Looking for circle / donut type.

Please advise

Hi Tony_Saad,

Open page logic and you will se JS flow function, then replace contents of the function called chartExecutor() by the code of any example from here: Google Charts - Donut. Copy only javascript code, without html part.

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Hi Aleksandr_Mushikov,
Thank you.

I will need to learn more basics and how to code in order to move forward

Hello Aleksandr_Mushikov,
I’d like to use the D3 Arc function as I believe it will work better than google charts.
I’ve been trying to find how to do this but have not been able to as yet.

I am trying an animation something like:

Any and all tips greatly appreciated!

Hi Tony_Saad,

Unfortunately I have no experience with D3.js charts.
Maybe someone else knows the solution.

Thank you for your fast reply.

Hi there!

The D3 library is available to the chartExecutor JS function in “d3” namespace, so you can simply use it from there :slight_smile: Do remember to add a body for D3 in the “D3.js chart html body” property.

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Hello @Akseli_Virtanen,
Thank you.
We have been able to get D3 working but have run into a problem with the background.

While we can set the colour in the body there is a white border we cannot edit. We think it is hard coded in the component. We asked in this thread but no reply as yet:

Do you know how to remove/edit this?