Change content-type from request header


I´m relatively new to AppGyver and I´m wondering if is there a way to set the content-type header from REST API Integration to application/x-www-form-urlencoded only. Currently I´m using the HTTP header to add the content type to the request, I´ve tried setting it both to the base URL as to the post parameter. However, when I look at the dev tools to see the test response, I see that my content type was added alongside with application/json and that throws me a bad request from the API.


I was able to do it through an HTTP Request flow function, but that is not ideal…

Another question, is there a way to see the test response headers on AppGyver other than using dev tools from the browser?

Thank you!

Hi! Have you tried setting the header from the base configuration of your data resource, would that make a difference in your case?

Regarding the network requests, browser dev tools are the best way to inspect them. :slight_smile:

Install the “HTTP request” component from the Marketplace and make your request that way. Under the Optional Inputs you can set the “Request body type” to /x-www-form-urlencoded: