Change data coming from backend, from string to number

is there any way, to make this data, numbers, im using this as a list like this
Because when i go to use a function like DIFFERENCE, it doesnt work


Sorry I don’t quite understand, from that example API response you would want to access the true/false value of some key, like "11"? I believe the formula LOOKUP would fit your case

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No i only need to know, the keys that exist, but i need them to appear as numbers,
If this is not possible, from the backend, im looking for a way to take those keys and make the composer, think that they are numbers and not strings

in the end, i need a list of those keys but as numbers and not strings

hi @Cecilia , just to add some info, im using this parameter ?shallow=true in the request url, so i only care bout the document names that exist and not the true value. I hope you understand.

ah I see! Alright then, I guess it depends on in what format do you want them out. For example, using KEYS to get all the numbers and MAP to turn them into number types, you would get a list of numbers. The formula would be something like MAP(KEYS(your_data), NUMBER(item))

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thats exactly what i needed, thank you!!:blush:

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