Change Existing Text

I’m almost certain this is simple and I’m just missing it, but, here I am…

I have an input field where text can be entered, which is then written to local storage so it persists through app closes. That much works fine. But then I’d like to be able to go back into that text field and EDIT or ADD to what was originally written, if that makes sense. All I can currently do it re-enter text and it overwrites the old text. Ideally, the input field would just always display text previously entered and you can simply add to it, but I just get caught in loops when I try that.

If it has to be an seperate text display, that’s fine, so long as there’s a way to just append more text.

Is there a way to achieve this?

The function you should use for that, is the update record, But that means that you use a local storage storage bucket in the data connector, because if you use the set item to storage function you, to update it you just need to use the function and set the new value.

As for the practical part, i would set the stored value i want to change in a page var connected to the input field and so the input will be already populated with the old text and then you can change anything and the update the item in storage

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