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I am trying to create a page with 3 differents sections: simple, complex and advanced and I would like to display different information (section in red on the picture) if the user is selecting simple, complex or advanced. I tried using the app variable and page variable so I am able to change the information if he moves from simple to complex or to advanced but I am not able to go the way back (from complex to simple or from advanced to complex). I am wondering if there is a functionality that will allow me to do it without changing the page.

Thank you

You were close to the solution for this. You were right about creating the page variable and allowing the user to click to change the page variable. The final adjust would be creating three containers (one for each specific view - simple, complex and advanced fields) and controling the Visible property of those containers to match the page variable.

In the example below I created the three containers and put a title inside each of them. Then I put a select field binded to the page variable to select the view mode. Finally I adjusted the container’s Visibility in the Advanced Properties with a simple Formula to make them visible or not.

I hope this easy to understand.

Hi @mrbt, you could use the Conditional Renderer component from the marketplace for this. Create containers with render IDs simple, complex and advanced inside. Then bind the Active Render ID to a text type variable pageVars.level. Then if you set level to "simple", the container with ID simple will be displayed and so on.

Thank you it works well

Thank you for your tips. I will try it

Hi Mari,

Is this less load time for the page or just easier to manage?

@Phil_Evans it could be slightly faster, since there is only one condition to evaluate vs. evaluating a condition for several containers one by one. But mostly easier to manage when you just have to take care of the condition in one place. :slight_smile:

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