Change on single row record isn't updatet by UI

Hi AppGyver-Team & Community,

I currently have the problem, that my changes on single row items aren’t saved when I change properties on the UI.
I’ve created a small project to simplify the problem.

My data ressource is just a on-device-storage. It is an object with a name and underlying object, which contains more informations.

On my landing page I show the list of all objects, which works fine.
When I click on an object it redirects me to a detail page, where I can see more informations to the specific person. That works also perfect.

But when I want to change any property, it is just changed for a second (more or less) and goes then back to the state before my click…

I want that I can change some properties and save the changes then by a button click.

Does anybody has an idea on how to solve this problem?
If you need more information, please just ask.

Tanks for your help,

I found a good way to solve that problem.

You can create a new variable of type “new record” in the details page.
Then go back to the UI, choose “get record” function and set the id to get the correct variable.
After that use the “set data” function where you can set the “new record” variable to the output of the “get record” function.
With that logic you have a new variable which has the same properties like it is bounded to the data-ressource.

Then you can use your “new record” variable to change the data on the detail page.

After clicking a save button you can add the “update record” function to save the “new record” variable to the data-ressource.