Change page Title and Favicon - Tutorial

Solution {

(I used the sublime text editor for this tutorial) → Download - Sublime Text

Rename the following lines in these files:


< title >AppGyver< /title > to < title >YourAppName< /title >

In these files:

All → /yourappfolder/index.html
All → /yourappfolder/page.PageX/index.html
All → /yourappfolder/m-page.PageX/index.html


(“title”,null,“AppGyver”) to (“title”,null,“YourAppName”)

In this file:

/yourappfolder/ _next/static/chunks/pages/_app-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.js


Good luck From Brazil!!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::handshake:


Show de bola, valeu pelo tutorial Pedro :grinning: :pray:

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De nada!! @Leo_Sussuarana

Nós temos que compartlhar conhecimento mesmo, só assim as coisas funcionam.

It worked for changing the titles, but not the favicon…

Brasil , aqui. Salvou nós! =)

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