Change text color for specific words


I want to design a primary label of a image list item.
Therefore 2 specific words should have the color white or better be transparent if thats possible. All other word should stay in black.

Can somebody help me with this topic?
Thank you!

use an if function, like

if( isequal ( pagevar, “your value”), “first color code”, “second color code”)

of course, thats not right

unfortunatly that formula doesn´t work…
There is the following error.

Do you have another idea how to fix this?

Thank you!!


Man, have you read the docs or quickly go through the tutorials?
Sure you have errors, as that was the description of how the formula should be built…

And now I think that what you want to do is basically hide the file extension?
Please give more context on what you want to achieve and do at least take a look on the

IF(CONTAINS(pageVars.yourVariable, ".jpg"), "#000000", "#ffffff")

This will change the colour of each word that has the .jpg file extension added to it. But not only the “.jpg” part, but the whole label…

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