Change text style of a specific element in a repeat upon clicking

Hello !

What I am trying to do is fairly simple in concept but can’t figure how to do it with composer.

I made a basic task managing app. When you complete a task from the list, you tick the box. That changes the property “completed” of the said task in the DB to true.

I wish now to simply change the text style of the description of the task from ‘none’ to ‘striketrough’ when task is completed or switch the style specifically for this task in the repeat to a predefined style where text is striked. Quite basic for a task manager,

The thing is that I can’t find how to assign a specific style only to 1 element in the repeated elements. I tried messing with the style on the text part including an If statement but the editor did not allow me to validate the formula.

Any ideas please ?

Thank you !

If formula should work fine. Can you post it here.

Hello ! Tried it again and actually it was the use of simple quoting rather than double quoting that was an issue. Solved, thanks :slight_smile:

Here is the formula I put in the style of the text for the record

IF(repeated.current.Done, “line-through”, “none”)