Change the button's label

How can I change the button’s label with nodes?
e.g.) receive variable change > set button 1’s label (display label on app) to “something”

You bind its value to the variable

How can I? I’m a newbie so could you please specify?

plus I want to merge some texts.
e.g.) “label” + “1” + “hi” + "2

@JOHN_WORSHAM please help me… .:frowning:

Create a variable first:

Then bind it’s Label property to that variable

So then whatever value the variable is will display on the button

but I have one more question.
variable 1 = hello
variable 2 = world
variable 3 = hello world (combine variable 1’s text + variable 2’s text)
and bind variable 3 to a button’s text
How can I do that?