Change the color of an active button or container (the color when it is being pressed)


Components that are clickable turn briefly a light color when they are clicked on (in the web view) and when they’re tapped on (on the smartphone). Is there a way that I can turn that off for each component or change what color it turns to when that item is being tapped/clicked?

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unfortunately, you cant turn that off, but one way to make your own color change on top, is to have a function, when the component is tapped, change its color and after a delay, change the color back.

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Is it possible to explain how to do that? I tried to find the “Set Component Styles” flow function to use, but it seems to be gone from the marketplace, so I’m not sure how to change the CSS property manually.

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yeah, after some testing, im not sure if this function still works, so there would be a way to make that work, but its extremely complicated, i dont thing its worth it,if you only need to apply it for certain buttons, you could have a variable for each that when true, the color of the button is changed, so after a small delay, the variable is set to false again and the color returns to normal.

I see. Just to be clear, I am talking about the opacity level of the component, which briefly changes (from 1 to 0.2) while it is being clicked. Would there be a way to modify so that the component’s opacity remains the same, even when it is being clicked?

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if you mean that you just want to change the opacity, of course its possible, you can do it from here

but ii dot understand this very well

So what I mean is, if you look at the first picture, and the button is not clicked, then there is no value for the opacity. BUT if you look at the second picture, which is when the button is clicked, then the opacity is at 0.2. I want to set it so that opacity is always 1, even when it is clicked.

oh ok so as i told you before, you cant change that

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Hi @B_S, unfortunately the styles on click cannot be modified at the moment.

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I see. Do you think I could use the Javascript flow function to modify it, perhaps?