Change the document name in cloud firestore

Is there any way I can change the name of my document before sending it to the firestore? The names are all in random letters and numbers. :confounded:

Or change the name after sending, I think that would also be an option

I don’t kown how to change it after, but before it’s quiet easy. The name can be whjatever you want (be careful with the extension)

The "/Fotos%2F"is the folder where I store it.

I’m managing to change the name of the photos, and it’s really easy
But I want to change the name of the document that stores the information in my Cloud Firestore

where I circled in print

(are u from br?)


I believe this is the field that generates these random letters/numbers, but I don’t think there’s any way for me to change it, my data has 23 properties and I can only change 22 (all except the id)

As @Serge_Angeloz wrote already, you can define the document-id (which is the last past of the name) in the URL, when you create the record (http-POST).
You can find examples in the forum already, like e.g. Firestore POST error with (custom) document id - #2 by Dimos_Vamvourellis

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