Change title in web build


how can I change the title for a web build?
For me it always says “Appgyver” instead of the title of the application.

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Hi! As far as I remember, we have a bug ticket about this, but you can fix this for yourself by search and replacing “AppGyver” from the .zip file you downloaded!

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Download the Zip, extract all files, and then open the HTML file in Visual Studio Code, or Atom. In the header, you can change the title manually.

The essential files to change are index.js and any pages that don’t have the “m-”


(I used the sublime text editor for this tutorial) → Download - Sublime Text

Rename the following lines in these files:


< title >AppGyver< /title > to < title >YourAppName< /title >

In these files:

All → /yourappfolder/ index.html
All → /yourappfolder/page.PageX/ index.html
All → /yourappfolder/m-page.PageX/ index.html
/yourappfolder/404/ index.html


(“title”,null,“AppGyver”) to (“title”,null,“YourAppName”)

In this file:



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That solved it! Thank you!