Change value in property of object (1 Record variable)

Hallo, guys,
the second day i’m trying to find a way to change and save value in property of object (one record variable) :frowning_face:
I will be grateful for any help

Hi Jan, welcome to the community! I recommend checking out this video on how to update records.

Hi Mary, thank’s for your answer. My problem is a little more complicated:
I need to write the results of the golf game into a Airtable REST dB = data.AirtableDuelsScorecard. To make this, I use pageVars.result, which shows the value of the currently selected hole. After pressing one of three “buttons” - L, A/S or R, value of pageVars.result is changed. And now comes my problem. I need to write a new value for the currently displayed hole to the date.AirtableDuelsScorecard and then save the record to Airtable dB.

If it helps, my app number is: 195394
Thank You for any suggestions.

“id”: “rectTHtBVysoZmQxW”,
“fields”: {

“H01”: “-”,
“H16”: “-”,
“H15”: “-”,
“H14”: “-”,
“H13”: “-”,
“H12”: “R”,
“H11”: “R”,
“H10”: “L”,
“H09”: “L”,
“H08”: “L”,
“H07”: “-”,
“H06”: “-”,
“H05”: “R”,
“H04”: “-”,
“H03”: “L”,
“H02”: “L”,

“createdTime”: “2021-02-13T16:45:53.000Z”

If you want to save every time pageVars.result changes, you can use the “Receive event” logic node and choose “Page variable ‘result’ changed” as the trigger.

Thank’s for Your Answer, I tray to fix it. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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