Changed app name


I updated my app contents and changed its name in the ‘Display name’ field in the Bundle settings section (when configuring the app for building). I also changed the name of the app in the ‘Main store listing’ field in Google Play store. I then published the app to both play store and app store.
However, when I download the app on an Android or iPhone device, although the app contents are updated, the name of the app on the phone screen is the old app name.
How can I fix this? Are there any other fields I need to change?

Hello, For Android it’s here, Display Name

Yes, I changed that field before building the Android app. I also changed it for iOS app.
However, after downloading the new version of the app, the old app name appears in the list of apps displayed on the phone screen.

It’s strange, maybe we should uninstall, empty the files before and reinstall.