Changing CSS properties with "Set component style" functions out of a flow

Hi all,
I am new with Appgyver. I think it’s a great tool and most things are really easy. So in this case, the problem might be in front of the computer, but I can’t solve the problem on my own:
I am creating a new web application and there I am setting up a form with various visual hints. Now I want to use the “Set component styles” function to change the color of the border. I am assigning the following formula to the “New styles” property: {borderColor: ‘red’}, but only the assigned styles are disappearing. I tried all logical syntax variations, but nothing seems to work.
What I am doing wrong?
Regards and thanks for supporting!


In my opinion we should deprecate the set component styles flow function. Styles should always be set via formula from the component’s styles, see here.

Hi Levi,
sorry for taking so long to give a response. As suggested, I replaced the approach to use the Flow function by using formulas on the component’s styles. That works absolutely fine.

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