Changing Name of ResourceID Causes Issues

I had a Resource ID initially named “ReistanceTypes.” Notice the typo. I went back and modified it, but now I’m getting an error that references the “ReistanceType” (see image attached).

I’ll try to recreate the Resource, I guess, but this seems like a bug.

ADDED: I went back and deleted the Resource and re-created it, but I’m still having the same issue.

There’s a few places where refactoring IDs causes issues to crop up; better refactoring and automatic error spotting/fixing tools are planned.

Here, it looks like the data variable name (which is the instance of fetched data from your data resource) was not renamed, but just the resource, so after deleting the resource and recreating it, you need to recreate the data variable too (which now also points to the deleted resource) in the Variables editor.

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Did that and it resolves my issue. Thank you!

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