Changing order on basic list

Hi there

I cant find what I’m looking for anywhere else around the website. Basically, I have a basic list function with entries that are date stamped. I am looking for a way to make it go from most recent to oldest rather than the other way round which it currently is

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Assuming you’re populating your list with a Data Variable. You should be able to order your data on the Data Variables page. Select your date field and choose sort desc.

Thank you Adam, sorry for all my questions. im new to all this. Just another quick question, how do I delete a local saved data piece through tapping a delete button?

Share some images to help you better

Need a little bit more info to help on this one. What type of data? On-device storage? What’s does the schema look like?

Theres only a couple functions that will delete a record, but the hard-ish part is getting the correct ID for the record you want to delete.

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