Changing page transitions & having global elements

Hey, so throughout building my application I have come to a halt with a problem.

I would like to build custom bottom navigation that would stay in place during page transition.
I have seen a suggestion to working out the way around that by putting all pages on one page, however I have way too many to keep track that way and it would probably burn my PC as well as page variables would become absolete or at least a bit unorganised.

I would like to suggest to be able to set certain elements to the global canvas and specify them to ‘stay’ with page transitions and specify on which pages they should display. (Some of the pages wont have the navigation menu). I am sayi g elements because I mean in general, for example if you wanted a floating button and navigation bar br fixed or perhaps a top bar as well it would be possible to do so.
Perhaps a bonus idea here, to have a ‘page container’ and it makes that one switch everything outside that stays in place.

If we focus specifically on bottom navigation only which might be easier to make, then my second suggestion would be if we disable in-built navigation we could have an option to have a ‘navigation container’ element that we could edit just like component - that would be nice and global.

My third suggestion would be to perhaps just give more pre-created stylings for navigation if other two options are too conplicated - though I mist point out that using in-built navigation and top bar or however it is called disables the option to check/uncheck ‘enable safe area’ on each specific page - which I am also trying to avoid because of different devices’ notch bars - safe area does that pretty well.

The second part of the suggestions would be to have the option to select either to enable or disable the page transition (on iOS it goes right), so either that or it pops - that way it would be much smoother to animate components to dissapear and appear using animate component feature.

While writing this suggestion I have also thought about the problem in editor that images are loading very slowly - any way to preload them before page loads - if they are stored locally? I hate to say that I dobt really like seeing my logo ‘load while already on page’ on the splash screen

That’d be all for now, thanks and stay awesome!

PS: if there are any tutorials that fix any of the issues / suggestions above let me know!

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