Changing the target path of a captured screenshot

Using the Capture Screenshot flow function, how to move the image to the mobile images default folder? I have tried Move/rename file/directory flow function but it didn’t work.
for the target file path I used this formula:

systemVars.fileSystem.directories.document + outputs[“Capture screenshot (beta)”].screenshot.createdAt + “.jpg”


Could you try adding + “/” + between the folder and the file name? That may be the problem. So change the formula to be:

systemVars.fileSystem.directories.document + “/” + outputs[“Capture screenshot (beta)”].screenshot.createdAt + “.jpg”


What a hapenning?

I didn´t found this capture screenshot

Yeah, me too. I would really like this feature. Is there any other way to store a part of the screen as .jpg? I really need it to generate labels for chemicals.

Mevi, save us! Please!

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Hi! The screenshot flow function was in beta and unfortunately did not work as expected. Unfortunately, we don’t have a flow function for this right now :disappointed_relieved:

I never got that to work on Image components but I seem to recall it working fine with Container background images.