Charge return value to REST API

I loaded it from the REST API into a storage client.
It is working fine.

The problem is when it’s time to return the data storage client to the REST API, it returns this error.

‘List Type os not assignable to object type.’

I don’t know how to save back to the database… can you give me an example of how to transform list to object in the appgyver to save in the database REST API?

PS: Note that both have the same structure and are registered as objects.


the reason this isn’t working is that Create Record can only create one record at a time, and in your screenshot you are trying to pass a list of records to it. To make this work you’ll have to create each record in the list one by one by using some sort of loop in the logic. Here’s an example how you can delete multiple records in a database at once, the same logic applies for creating multiple records at once :slight_smile: